Gears of War - Mad World

Well my bro and I completed the co-op campagn of Gears of War and man was it awsome. Thought I would post this since I saw it on TV...

Gears of War promotional ad I saw on TV and just thought it was freakin awsome. If you ever saw the movie Donnie Darko you might recognize the song. Mad World - Gary Jules

All around me are familiar faces
worn-out places, worn-out faces
hide my head, I wanna drown my sorrow
no tomorrow, no tomorrow
and I find it kinda funny,
I find it kinda sad,
the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take
When people run in circles it's a very very
mad world
mad world



// posted by Ariolander @ 11/24/2006
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Remember Remember...

What do you think? I thought it worked after reading the news about the disastrous launch:
Kotaku's Coverage on PS3 Launch
Store closures, riots, shootings, & armed robbery oh my!

Remember Remember the 17th of November
Console shortage or not
I see no reason why PS3 launch
Should ever be forgot...

Playstation 3, Playstation 3, 'twas Sony's intent
to make an Amereican debut.
Four hundred thousand score cosole import,
to prove Sony's incompetance:

By God's mercy my console catch'd
For Ebay listing and a bidding match.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the money flow.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save Sony!
Hip hip hoorah!

A penny to hire the homeless.
A blistering cold to choke him.
A cardboard box to sit him down.
A riot of fans to trample him.

Throw it onto Ebay.
Make a very large profit.
Either way I make it ahead.
Then we'll say "fastest selling console ever".

Hip hip huzzah!
Hip hip huzzah!


// posted by Ariolander @ 11/17/2006
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Ethnocentrism & Xenophobia

Ethnocentrism & Xenophobia: Anime & Manga in America

One of the things that continually bugs me is the skewed way in which many people approach Japanese animation & manga. I mean how many times after naming anime & manga as interests have you received responses of along the lines of "tentacle porn? or "it’s that 'hen-thai' stuff right?". These kind of responses simply make me cringe and at times almost fear to mention my love for anime and manga to others.

The American media does nothing to remedy this with its ethnocentric view of anything foreign fanning every American parent’s xenophobia and fear of the unknown. How is the media ethnocentric? The mainstream media has the tendency to look at the world from the perspective of American culture and failing to account for cultural relativity.

It is natural to compare something new to something that is familiar to us I understand but after they put their ‘spin’ on things you often end up with distorted headlines such as “Anime that's not child's play” as was on one local paper. What was originally an article discussing Ukiyo-e, a genre of Japanese woodblock prints, and Shunga, erotic artwork, from the Edo period is twisted into the subtitle “Pokemon, Hello Kitty, tentacle porn? We out why sexually explicit cartoons are so popular in Japan”. Such is the nature of many American reporters that after reporting that manga is a growing market, one worth over $180 million, and a passing comment about there being many genres they jump right into “hentai” & “lolicon” not even giving notice to the Shonen & Shujo genres that make up Viz’s monthly manga-zines.

People naturally compare something new to them to something familiar. When comparing cultures that is called Ethnocentrism. People naturally fear the unknown and when that concerns strangers and something foreign that is called Xenophobia. Both of these are very prevalent in America. Anime and manga are being imported from a foreign country and culture so it is natural one must approach it with an open mind to accept or understand it. That is not something the American media has been famous for over the years so I guess their reactions are to be expected. As anime/manga continues to grow here in American I hope we can one day we can move past these the images of “hentai”, “tenticle porn”, and “lolicon” and approach this import from the land of the rising sun with an open mind and eventual acceptance.

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// posted by Ariolander @ 11/16/2006
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New Project: AnimeThoughts

Well this is my latest project. You can go read my introduction to find a bit mroe about it. Anyone who would like to join the AnimeThoughts team or would like to make indipendent submissions please contact me.

w00t! Yet antother project to pile up ont he ones I already got and have yet to finish... at least this time I approached it with a gameplan

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// posted by Ariolander @ 11/23/2004
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this thing is back

Well here you go. I finally got this apge fixed. If you did nto know we finnaly switched from our old free host to our pay one with our own domain name at so all the images and the comment system are finnaly fixed. If you have not already please check out our new site. Still incomplete and at the snail pace as always... Having so many problems at once doesn't help much either but oh well.

Thank Solaris for my regaining of intrest here at blogspot (yes my new page uses blogger as the news script). I added his link among others to the right -->

// posted by Ariolander @ 10/13/2004
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Fixing this place up...

Well I am gonna fix this place up... new layout and all. I decided I wanted to go for a new look so this is a test post

// posted by Ariolander @ 6/16/2004
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Well I am grounded for the rest of this quarter and I sadly won't be able to update my journal. That is why there will be a dry spell of updates. I know I was never good int he first place but there is nothing that I can really do. I screwed up and now I got to make up for it. I will try to get on from schoolw here I can and sald my journals won't be getting updated much int he next month or two. >_<

// posted by Ariolander @ 2/17/2004
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