I fear that the semester may soon be aproaching so I am bracing myself. I have been able to fix all the grades I have been slacking off of from English to biology heck even Math but I fear it is the elective that I will be getting my C on. You see I am not allowed to get Cs, Cs may be average for soem people but for me and my family C is flat out unacceptable. Due to soem bad mistakes early on I was set back but now that I have been able to fix all my grades I fear that all the effort I have put into the last quarter was all for naught. It seems that one last minute blunder by myself just before christmas break was enough to set me back that I will be unable to recover. I fear that even with an A on my Speech final and the possible extra credit I won't be able to fix this... So here I am with a grade unable to fix and certain doom on my horizon. I will not only get ym computer, TV and videogames taken away but all my anime, manga and books aswell. I won't even have the comfort of my radio... As if that is not bad enough I will be banned from going to AX of which I have been looking foward to for the past 14 months...

// posted by Ariolander @ 1/06/2004
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Well Not much I fear that my break may soon be coming to a close. Pretty good day and did not touch a videogame the whole time. I spent mos tof the day working on more HTML and CSS for this blog's LJ counterpart. I did a bit of research ons earch engines caught up in 4 months of electronics news at CNET and did a lot of research on my favorite online webcomic MegaTokyo. Heck I even looked up info a bit on the .hack series I used to be a big fan of. So bassically its the catching up on news and events that I have been oh so neglecting. I looked up everyhting from silk screening to history of blogging. I guess I just relaxed took my mind of graphic videogames and did a lot of things I have been meaning to do or would have never done.

Someone remind me tommarow to finish that project for art -_-;; I think I will read up more on MegaTokyo for the rest of the night. Will post links later.

// posted by Ariolander @ 1/03/2004
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Happy New Year! Well its late I had a bit to drink and the food was good but I think I will ge to be now...

My new years resolution? Do something productive this year. Sure I will still sit on my ass but I will be doing something productive as I sit on it >_<

// posted by Ariolander @ 1/01/2004
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