Heck yea! I got a 5 day weekend ^_^ I finnaly ge tto catch up on long lost sleep. Am gonna visit my cousins summer house in Vegas for Thanksgiving so I will be away... Well whatever hope I can fins somethign to do on the way there... maybe I will sleep?

// posted by Ariolander @ 11/26/2003
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Wow! Had a pretty good yet productive weekend. Sure I may be sore by the morning but I moved over 400 brick from the pallet in the back of a truck to the backyard and stacked them into neat 5 x 10 layers going 8 bricks high! Sure all I got out of it was a burger and some fries but I feel liek I did more than usual on me weekend.
Had my Saturday Session of anime club yesterday and it went suprisingly well. We actually had 4 times as much as last years whopping 3 people and this time the freshman:non-freshman ratio was 1:1 so you know I was happy. Well ne way though I saw that movie half a dozen times I feel our club is making progress considering the fact this is its second year (if you can call last year that) in existance. ^_^
You will notice this isn't a midnight update... I hope I can get to bed early I am dead tired but my body won't let me no matter how much I hurt >_<

// posted by Ariolander @ 11/23/2003
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Well report cards came in today... Yup not very good I have been letting myself slip since progress report. I got till semester to pick it up or I get sent to Pomona to live with my father... that means bye to my anime collection, my videogames, and back to dial up internet, which is definatly now fun...

Anyways as for today I just came back from Frank & Son collectable show and I do not know how they convinced me but I gotta wake up at 9:00 and head over there on Saturday to I dunoo... waste my money and help Dave, Ryan & Cory out at their booth (now as of this week twice the size 0.o)

I got 2 speeches tomorrow... or should I say today since it is past midnight? Well ne ways wish me luck ^_^;;

// posted by Ariolander @ 11/20/2003
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Someone offered me a LJ code but I alway whine duno if I should take them up on that offer. I always wanted a LJ blog but then again I put so much work into this one... I guesss that is just how I am really. I say I hate online gaming because of lag even on my broadband but then again I play online every day. I say I hate Evangelion and that Shinji is a wuss but I have watched the series twice over in the past month. (Shinji is still a wuss though) I really can't make up my mind actually but since so many of the people in the AI crew are in LJ and they seem to even have their own community I think I might want to join. Sorry if I bugged any of you at AI about the code thingy... I guess I don't want to be ungrateful... I can't think Sleep deprivation is no fun. Why do I do this to myself?

// posted by Ariolander @ 11/04/2003
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Wow little HW today so I guess I can surf the net now (as if HW has ever stopped me >_<) Well it seems I am addicted to forums. As soon as I get the chance I will post a link to the AnimeInfo.org forums and I think I already posted one for FP3... Well I am off to forum land and maybe stop by and chat with people on AIM & MSNM... Remind me to post my screennames to the right some time... I wonder if anyone from the aI forums will take a look at my humble blog...

// posted by Ariolander @ 11/04/2003
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