Someone offered me a LJ code but I alway whine duno if I should take them up on that offer. I always wanted a LJ blog but then again I put so much work into this one... I guesss that is just how I am really. I say I hate online gaming because of lag even on my broadband but then again I play online every day. I say I hate Evangelion and that Shinji is a wuss but I have watched the series twice over in the past month. (Shinji is still a wuss though) I really can't make up my mind actually but since so many of the people in the AI crew are in LJ and they seem to even have their own community I think I might want to join. Sorry if I bugged any of you at AI about the code thingy... I guess I don't want to be ungrateful... I can't think Sleep deprivation is no fun. Why do I do this to myself?

// posted by Ariolander @ 11/04/2003
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