Been a while hasn't it? Well a lot has happened so give me a break. Lets see I got grounded for a week cause I am an idiot. Spent another making up for lost internet time. Spent another making up for lost gaming time. Then spent a week enjoying the holidays. Hmmm... Did well this christmas. Got myself about $110 cash total which is about a third of what I spent total so that wasn't that bad, 3 Sweatshirts, 2 Jackets, 3 T-Shirts, 2 Pairs of Jeans, 1 X-Box Live Extention, 1 VHS Player (broke my brothers one that I stole from him), 1 DVD Burner, a lot of candy, a bunch of cards, a trip to the movies.

When I went to see The Last Samuri wiht my father for christmas and it was great. A real tear jerker though. Had me crying and I am usually not that emotional. So that my friends is a rare event so its not like anyone I know will be reading this so I will go ahead and say it: That movie made my cry. It was awwsome and very emotional.

Watched lord of the tings the thursday after it came out. That movie was amazing too. The ending dragged a bit but what can you do it had to match the book. Could ahve done without the 5 endings (the parts where it fades out once after each of the last five scenes) but other than that it was pretty good.

I swear after the holidays are done I will try to write here more if I still got internet acess after semester.

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